Jahan's Gallery

A collection of J-man's heroic and mischeivous adventures.

Team J-Run

Jahan and Team J-Run are active leaders at the annual Peel Walk for Muscular Dystrophy.

Jahan winning trophy for most funds raised, with Grandad.
Team J-Run at the 2015 Peel Walk for MD.
Team J-Run, bigger and better, at the 2016 Peel Walk for MD.
Another group shot of Team J-Run at the 2017.
Jahan posing with Peel Police.

Precious Family Memories

The Chahal Family with Jahan and his siblings. A Poloraid Moment.

The newest addition to the Chahal family, baby Nishan Chahal.
Papa bear with the boys.
Jahan and siblings all set for Christmas!
Jahan and Sahana welcoming baby Nishan.
The 3 little rugrats acting silly!
The epitome of brotherly love.
Brother and Sister.

Jahan's Mischeivous Adventures

Jahan doing what he does best; being a kid who loves to play and have fun!

Jahan posing for Christmas.
Jahan and Sahana being silly.
Jahan at his first walk for MD, on left, and winning an award at the 2017 Walk, on right.
Jahan launching balloons for the annual World Duchenne Awareness Day.
Jahan enjoying horseback riding and posing as a rock climber.
Jahan being a lil mascot, on left, and posing with mascot, on right.