The Grand Entry

Bundle of Joy

On the great day of July the 5th, 2011, a baby boy was born. He was the greatest gift for his parents. His name was Jahan, also known in Hindi, as "The World."

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The Early Years

Flip of the Coin

Life's a coin, with two sides, happiness and sorrow. And as such, shortly, after his first birthday, Jahan was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The Spartan

Keeps on Smiling

Despite his diagnosis, Jahan crosses all the speedbumps life throws his way. His passion for soccer, swimming, horseback riding are what help him kick away Duchenne.

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The Leader

Inspires us all

Jahan's Team "J-Run", have been participating in the annual #Walk4MD, since 2013. Team J-Run, had the highest amount total collected in all of Canada, in 2015, surpassing $15,000.

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The J-Man

A Real Superhero

Truly, Jahan is a real superhero. Like all great heroes, he inspires others to make a difference in society. Thank you, Jahan, or as we like to call him, "The J-Man.

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| The Real Superhero |
J-man, Jahan the Superhero

Word on the vine is that a special, young superhero, is out on the streets making an impact on the lives of the others. His true identity is not known, but people say he participates in raising awareness of Muscular Dystrophy. He beats the odds and faces new challenges head-first, with his secret weapon--a killer smile. He has many names but most often people call him, "The J-Man"...